Who We Are

Situated on 80 acres, Bird Homestead Golf Course is a 9-hole public course located at 37109 Funny River Rd, Soldotna, Alaska.

Once a hay field and horse pasture, and even a small airstrip, the 174-acre homestead was nestled among a beautiful black spruce forest near the Kenai River. In 1958 Elmer and Pat Bird homesteaded the land before there was even a Funny River Road to drive on. Upon retirement, in 1999 the Birds decided it was time to give up the horses. But what to do with all this land? 

It had been Pat's dream for at least 10 years to build a course.  So, instead of subdividing, like many others may have done in their position, they bulldozed a sprawling course that includes a clubhouse, small pavilion, driving range and the inevitable adjoining subdivision.  Because the land is on the edge of a 2-million-acre federal wildlife refuge golfers sometimes have a moose or two and an occasional black bear to play around.  It also has the only water driving range in the state.

Against nay-sayers and critics, two years later a Golf Course was born.  One person even told them they were crazy for building a course so far "off the beaten path."  But Pat stood firm in her beliefs that golf would be supported in this area.  

Years later, in 2017, the golf course is ever evolving and holding its own.  With a steady, always growing membership, the faithful keep coming back while the newcomers quickly discover the beautiful spread.       

The Birds have enjoyed this so-called "retirement" and are looking forward to turning this over to their children and grandchildren in the near future.  It is safe to say they have every reason to be proud of the accomplishments they have made.  They have come a long way from dirt fairways to beautifully landscaped fairways and greens.  

Bird Homestead Golf Course has also been featured in the LA times and local newspapers, check out our news page.